Electronic wart removers are poised as an ideal mid tier option for those seeking to remove their warts. At their price point, trying home remedies and over-the-counter drug store treatments should come first. However, when those have failed electronic wart removal becomes enticing due to the fact that it is a single purchase that will only ever need the rare battery replacement. As with all treatments there are mixed results with some individuals singing its praises and others doubting much of an impact was made. To find out if an electronic wart remover is a good choice for you, continue reading below.

What should I know about electronic wart treatment?

Wart Zapper

Wart Zapper

The most important thing to know about electronic wart treatment is how it works. It is sometimes falsely compared to electrosurgery performed by doctors to destroy and remove warts but this is not the case. In electrosurgery the frequency used is so high it heats tissue, ultimately burning the wart or slicing right through it. Electronic wart treatment is unable to do this, and if it could it would not be safe nor sold to consumers. Instead, the frequency used by electronic wart removers are low energy, essentially disrupting the cells and structural integrity of the wart by electrocution. Electrocution is aided by wetting the wart and no other part of your skin. This process is said to kill the wart cells and allow healthier skin to grow in its place.

While the upfront cost tend to be on the higher side when compared with other home wart treatments, it has high value potential due to it being endlessly reusable and only needing a battery. Compare this one-time price to the cost of wart removal surgery performed by a doctor which is not only expensive, but will need to be paid again whenever another wart needs removal. To learn more about the various types of wart removal surgery, check out this article.

Other important notes about electronic wart treatment are:

  • Works in just one treatment, two for larger warts.
  • Leaves no scarring.
  • Uses a battery that costs only 2 dollars on average.
  • Painless, only a tingling sensation during treatment.

Do electronic wart removers work?

As with all wart removal treatments, results will vary from person to person. That said, there are many people who have not only found success with electronic wart removers, but also revealed steps to make your own battery operated wart remover at home. Additionally, we already know that electrofrequencies can indeed damage cells, so a wart remover utilizing this action is not a far stretch. Overall nothing is a guarantee and should the wart remover not work for you, seeking to return the product in exchange for a refund is rarely a difficult task.

Electronic wart removers are generally gentle and safe to use.

For small warts, electronic wart removers are said to work very well. Larger and more complex warts may just be too dense to die from the restrained power of this wart remover. Although the product itself says a second treatment should be used for larger warts, some individuals have reported it was unsuccessful even with multiple treatments. Your mileage may vary, and this product may be a good option if you have exhausted all other home treatment methods. Electronic wart removal is very different than other types of wart remover, which are often acid based or use freezing temps to remove warts. For an in-depth look at how wart remover works, see this page.

The efficacy of Wartabater

Wartabater Electronic wart removerWartabater is the most popular brand of electronic wart remover. It is powered by a battery and removes skin tags as well as warts. It is said to be extremely effective and only takes one treatment to work. This treatment lasts only three minutes and does not need to be repeated as long as warts are less than 1/4th an inch in diameter.

For its price and advantages:

Price: $99 at Wartabater.com

  • Safe for adults and children.
  • Works on all types of warts including plantar.
  • Has a lower setting specifically designed to treat genital warts.
  • Requires no bandaging, creams or extra effort for results.

Wartabater, like all electronic wart removers, works with high frequency radio signals that destroy the cells within the wart while leaving healthy skin intact and unaffected. It is painless, with only a tingling sensation associated with the action of the device. Unlike other electronic wart removers, Wartabater is safe for use in the genital area with an alternate power setting that won’t upset the delicate tissues found in this area.

Warning Tip
Wartabater and most other electronic wart removers are not to be used by pregnant women, anyone with a pacemaker, and anyone with other electrical implanted devices. Electrical currents generated by these devices may interfere with or cause problems in all of these situations.

Top 3 electronic removers I can use

Electronic wart removers are few and far between, primarily because the Wartabater has cornered the market. However there are other options to use that we will include in the top choices here. Most have additional functions for other embarrassing skin problems that you’d want to remove such as skin tags. For more information about using a wart remover for skin tags, read here.

Here are the top three electronic wart removers:

  1. Segawe Portable Ultrasonic Home Spa
    Segawe Portable Ultrasonic Home SpaPrice: $117
    Where to buy: Amazon
    Benefits: Indicator to monitor strength level of electrical waves. Works quickly and leaves no scarring. Works on warts, freckles, moles and other beauty hampering afflictions.
  2. The Wart Zapper
    The Wart ZapperPrice: $124
    Where to find: Thewartzapper.com and Amazon
    Benefits: Compact, pen sized wart remover. Works on all types of warts. Single treatment success with a 5 minute usage time.
  3. Project E Beauty Pro Machine
    Price: $159
    Where to find: Amazon, Ebay
    Benefits: Works for a wide variety of problems including freckles and moles. High success rate on smaller warts. Requires no batteries.
    Project E Beauty Intelligent Ultrasonic Cure Instrument KL-638A

Electronic wart removers can be a fantastic choice for people who have small warts and get them often. Purchasing these products may not be the best choice if you only suffer from one or two warts, or your warts are very large. While it may not work for everyone, when used correctly many people have found success. The ability for essentially limitless applications makes it a valuable product to look into when OTC products have failed.

You can find further details of Wart removal here.