Red mole

Moles Of a Different Color: Where do Cherry-Red Moles Come From?

Red mole on neck

Have you suddenly discovered a red mole on your skin? Don’t be alarmed. Red moles are actually angiomas; abnormal growths, almost always benign, that are produced when blood vessels are dilated or being formed. What most people refer to as red moles are actually cherry angiomas, which are characteristically cherry-red to purple in color. Red moles are rarely seen on the hands and feet, and the majority of them develop around the torso area. Red moles can develop alone, or in groups →

Why Do I Have Small Red Bumps on My Skin That Itch?

Red bumps on your skin

Although you may not think of it as such, your skin is the largest organ in your body. It has several functions, one of which is protection against external pollution, trauma, organisms such as insects, and chemicals. Exposure to any of these elements can cause small red bumps to appear on your skin.

Your skin also regulates your body temperature, usually through sweating. Additionally, it contains nerves that tell you if you’re touching something or feeling pain. It will tell you if those bumps you have are swollen, hot, or itchy →