Skin tag is referred to the soft hanging skin, which can ruin your beauty. It is also known as barnacles. It usually occurs on areas like eyelids, underarms, neck, groin folds, and other regions. Unlike other skin abnormalities, they do not cause any harm to the patient. However it is recommended not to ignore the treatment, just because it does not bother you much.

Causes of the disorder

The actual reason of this disorder is not known, however it quite often related to obesity. It is very common on grown ups or adults, when compared to youngsters. Women develop this disorder during pregnancy.

Studies have shown that this abnormality is hereditary. It could pass on to your next generation if it not cured. Many natural as well as clinical skin tag removal methods have been introduced to heal this condition.

Remove skin tag

Some of the clinical treatments are as follows:

  • Cauterization,
  • Cryotherapy,
  • Tie by threads,
  • With the use of scissors.

During Cryotherapy, the physicians will freeze the skin tags and remove them. They apply liquid nitrogen over the area and wrap the tags with stalk, before freezing. This is considered as one of the effective and long lasting skin tag removal techniques to heal this disorder.

If your tags are quite large, you could undertake another popular skin tag removal method, known as excision. Scalpels or scissors are used to cut the tags from the skin. Bleeding is controlled by applying aluminum chloride. Cauterization is a quite painful method. In this method, experts remove the moles through electric shocks.

If the tags are small in size, the doctors will tie it with a thread. It is tied tightly so that the supply of blood stops and they fall off automatically.  Do not choose this skin tag removal method, if you have multiple tags on your body.

Clinical skin tag removal methods are painful and might cause some side effects. Natural method is one of the effective ways to cure this issue forever.

You could apply oil that is rich in vitamin E, over the affected area. Then, you could keep the affected area covered up with dry cotton cloth, for a couple of days. Skin will soak the oil and blood supply to the skin tag will automatically stop. As a result, they will dry up and fall.

Popular home remedies

Other popular remedies you could easily try at home include

  • Apply few drops of cauliflower juice on the affected area twice a day. Repeat this procedure several times till the tag dries off. You will notice effective results, within a week or so.
  • Put few drops of cider vinegar on the cotton and apply it over the affected area. Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. Now, you could gently wash your face.
  • Thuja tincture is effective in curing this skin condition. It is easily available at herbal stores. You could apply it over the tag for 2-3 weeks.