The Higher Price Means Better Quality?

Nowadays mole removal cost has become a question of primerl importance for those, who want to look beautiful or those who have much discomfort because of moles in everyday life. Really, it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t have moles and spots on the skin. In some cases moles can decorate and give us a more attractive look. But when it comes to nevus damage, pain and swelling, mole removal should be done immediately.

Cost of Mole Removal

Moles are different from each other and have many peculiarities. There are pigmented moles, spots, mole warts, vascular moles. In addition, moles also have a variety of sizes from millimeters to several centimeters. Their surface can be smooth and clean or rough, covered with hairs.

Looking at face

In medical practice there are several methods of removing skin spots, such as surgery, electrocoagulation (use a current of high-frequency), laser and special creams. These methods are diverse in price. You have no right to choose the method you like yourself. Only your doctor can make a right decision how to get rid of a mole in each particular case.

You will be probably asked to undergo some tests.

  • So, if mole removal creams are permitted to you, be ready to pay around $50. The amount of cream in a tube will be enough for removal of 3-5 moles.
  • If a doctor recommends surgery, be ready to pay $120-250 for the operation and $55-110 for a consultation.
  • If electrocoagulation has been chosen in your case, you’ll have to pay around $130-360 depending on the size of your mole.
  • For laser mole removal you will pay up to $600 ($50-110 for doctor’s consultation, $180-480 for the operation itself).

Laser method for $600

Advantages of Every Method

  1. Mole removal creams often contain natural plant ingredients. After a few applications these ingredients help to make your mole lighter. However, be very careful when choosing this method, make sure that it is not malignant melanoma.
  2. Surgical mole removal is the most traditional way, therefore surgeons have much experience in it. If you have large moles, it can be prescribed to you. Flat moles are also removed only with surgery.
  3. Electrocoagulation is a quite preferred method. After the operation it allows to send mole to tumor analysis. Laser does not give such an opportunity. Furthermore, after exposure you will get only small and neat scars. But it can work well only in virtuosic hands.
  4. Laser removal. Many consider this method to be the most effective, because after it the skin regenerates comparatively fast. Besides, it is possible to achieve a good cosmetic effect, which is important, especially for women, removing moles on the face and on parts of the body that are visible.

So, mole removal cost differentiates, as well as the type of impact. It is not easy to say which method is the safest, because the use of any of them requires doctor’s particular sleight of hand and proper analysis of mole before removal.