Moles are mainly classified into two types. In the first type, the occurrence is inborn, while in other case it is caused due to excessive sun exposure. It is not advisable to overlook this skin abnormality.

If you observe the below mentioned symptoms, you need to get your moles treated before the situation worsens:

  • Occurrence of foul smelling fluid from the affected area. Excessive bleeding is another symptom.
  • If you experience severe pain, it’s high time that  you consult a doctor.
  • Fever of 100F or above.

Many methods have been introduced to remove them from the roots. Some of them include surgical ways like cauterization, shaving method, home remedies, laser treatment, effective creams, to name a few. Laser mole removal method will work best in curing the new moles that arises on the skin layer. They are comparatively small in size with less deep roots. Before selecting the suitable procedure to remove them, it is always advisable to consult an expert.

Laser method

How laser mole removal method works

In this technique, the laser breaks down the dark pigments of moles into smaller parts. These parts are further adsorbed by the skin and you eventually get relived you from the skin disorder. The intense laser beams do not harm the patient’s skin.

Multiple sessions are required to remove them completely from the skin. It mostly depends on the depth, size and color of mole. Usually, experts complete the procedure within 3 to 5 sessions. You could observe effective results within a week of the treatment.

Most widely used lasers include, Erbium and CO2 laser. They peel off the mole in a proper fashion, and hence do not let the blood to come out of the skin. Laser light penetrates inside the skin and control bleeding. This procedure is preferred by many people, as it does not require scarring, stitching, or sutures.

While treating, doctor might take help from a local anesthesia specialist, especially if the patient is not able to bear the pain. Anesthesia is usually required in cases if the mole is big or larger in size.

Advantages of using this technique

There are many benefits associated with laser mole removal technique. Patients do not experience any kind of pain. As this is an outpatient procedure, you do not need to be hospitalized. Once the procedure is over, you will not notice any scars. You might observe little discoloration of the skin, around the affected area.

Before and after mole removal

Aftercare after the treatment is over

Once the treatment is over, ensure that you do not expose yourself in the ultraviolet radiations of sun. Take proper care of the affected area till its color matches the color of your skin. Apply diluted hydrogen peroxide along with an antibiotic cream rich in vitamin E. If possible, avoid using harsh facial cosmetics over the skin. They might cause burning sensation.

Cost of this procedure depends upon the type of moles you have. If you have black and bold moles in different parts of the body, doctor might charge you more. Their fees might vary from $50 to $400.

Now, you are quite aware of the pros and cons of choosing laser mole removal method. You could undertake this method if it is recommended as the best treatment for your moles. Otherwise there are many other methods which you could consider. Your dermatologist will be able to guide you better.