Surgery Methods vs. Home Remedies

How to remove moles? Sometimes it is not just an aesthetic question, but the question of comfort and safety. Everyone knows, that mole removal is an unpleasant procedure, which may take many nerves and leave ugly scars on the skin. That is why many people now search their minds for how to remove moles at home. Is it really possible to do this? Our answer is «yes». In addition, mole removal cost will be much lower. But don’t be tempted that any mole can be removed at home. You should consult your physician first, and only then make a decision.

The Most Popular Technologies of Removing a Mole

Moles removal popular technology

Let’s view the most common methods in cosmetology and surgery:

  1. Laser removal of nevus. The most popular method. It can be done with local anesthetic or without it. The procedure usually lasts no longer than 5 minutes. Click here for more information about laser mole removal.
  2. Electrocoagulation. It is the effect with an electric current. This method is applied to all areas of the body including the face.
  3. Cryosurgery. It includes removal of moles with the help of liquid nitrogen, which cools the nevus and destroys it. Sometimes there may be scars, so this procedure is not applied to the face. Read more here.
  4. Surgical excision. It is mostly used in case of malignancy, when the nevus is removed from the surrounding healthy tissues. Further details can be found here.

After removal, a mole should undergo a histological analysis to be sure that there are no cancer cells. Remember, that the described methods should be done in clinics or beauty centers, only after an appropriate diagnostics.

How to Remove Mole at Home?

If a doctor has given his/her agreement, you may remove a mole at home. The following methods will be interesting to you.

The most wide-spread and effortless method of home removal is applying some special cream. Applying a thick layer of product for 3 days you’ll see the results. You will notice that your moles fade and disappear. Sometimes the skin at the site of a mole becomes reddish, but it will soon disappear. This method is not actually mole removal. It is better to call it «mole whitening».

There are also some other ways of getting rid of moles without doctor’s help:

  • Pineapple juicePineapple juice brightens moles quite good. Appling this juice to the whole face is not necessary, as it may cause irritation. Use tampons soaked in the juice, and apply it only to moles.
  • A good result will be given by a mixture of honey with castor or linseed oil. Apply a tampon with this mixture to a mole for half an hour.
  • Dandelion or onion juices are also good lighters. This is due to vitamin C. It is better to buy these juices in a drugstore.
  • The juice of celandine is also a good healer if you fight with moles and dark spots.

Everyone should decide for himself how to remove moles. If your mole is small and plain, you may try to use home remedies. Visit your doctor in any case. Bear in mind that moles are benign tumors of the skin. We can’t control the process of their appearance, but we should not be afraid of them!