8 Effective Methods of How to Get Rid of a Skin Mole Naturally or Surgically

Skin moles differ in size, color, can be flat or raised. People’s attitude towards them vary as well from feeling proud of having these individual marks through neutral attitude to making a real problem out of this situation and striving to get rid of undesirable moles as soon as possible. For males a raised mole on the face in a shaving area can be troublesome because of constant possibility of traumatizing it. For women unattractive moles can become even a direct reason of a lowering self esteem. If a mole problem is related to you, learn more about how to get rid of skin moles. In some cases it’s not a big trouble at all, and you can remove undesirable moles yourself. In other situations help of a professional dermatologist’s help is necessary. Learn more about mole removal and choose a method more appealing to you.

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How to Get Rid of a Skin Mole?

  1. There are products containing tissue-destroying acids which can be prescribed by a dermatologist. They are usually applied for a month, up to 6 weeks to get a desirable result. Be careful to apply these acidic liquids straight to the mole you are working on to avoid damaging surrounding skin.
  2. A dermatologist may offer you a liquid nitrogen mole treatment when the mole is frozen and its beneath tissue is removed. This is an effective way of mole removal though the procedure can be quite painful.
  3. Surgeries are radical methods of mole removal when you get the result fast, straight after the operation. However, not always there is enough ground for surgery unless a mole is proved to be cancerous. Also be aware that after-surgery scars are another problem you will be faced if you opt for surgery. Laser mole removal is the most beneficial in relation to scarring intensity and visibility.

How to Get Rid of Skin Moles Naturally?

  1. Consider natural methods of eliminating undesirable moles. Try, for example, apple cider vinegar dabbed over the mole with a cotton ball. Leave for approximately 30 minutes, then wash off thoroughly.
  2. Some seeds show high efficiency when it comes to getting rid of moles. Apply a grapefruit seed extract over the moles during a month to get a visible result. Alternatively, try cumin seeds paste prepared by grounding seeds and use it on undesirable moles twice a day.
  3. Use juices extracted from some fruit and vegetables. For example, such juices as cauliflower juice, pineapple juice, juice of sour apples are suitable for mole removal.
  4. Cover the mole with white chalk which with regular application will gradually make your mole unnoticeable.
  5. Tea tree oil is well known as a perfect remedy recommended for many skin problems. Applied on the mole, it will be acting as a mole dissolver.

Cap of tea

With natural ways of mole removal you don’t risk anything. Start with them if you are concerned with an unattractive mole. When it comes to suspicious moles changing in size or color, especially without any reason, consult a dermatologist immediately.