6 Comprehensive Ideas on Mole Removal

Some moles are pretty and add a special charm to a face while others bring only disappointment. Since moles as birthmarks don’t choose location and can be found anywhere on your body and face, some people may wonder how to get rid of undesirable moles on their face. Besides simply aesthetic reasons, there are medical recommendations as to moles removal in regards to those moles which change in size or shape.

Mole on face

How to Get Rid of Moles on Your Face?

  1. Moles can be removed in a natural way using easy to apply methods like fruit and vegetable juices, home prepared pastes and mixtures, etc. Prepare a thick paste out of castor oil and baking soda. Cover the mole and leave overnight, then rinse in the morning.
  2. Fresh flaxseed paste on the basis of honey is easy to make and apply. Mix flaxseed oil with honey and add some ground flaxseed to the paste. Cover the moles and leave for approximately an hour.
  3. Juice mole erasers. Juice from sour apples, fresh pineapple juice, onion juice, liquid extracted from coriander leaves – they all help to solve the problem of how to get rid of moles on your face. Pineapple juice spread over moles or slices of pineapple are applied overnight. Sour apples juice is recommended for application 3 times during a day for as long as three weeks. Onion juice shows good results when is dubbed over moles and washed off in 40 minutes. Do this procedure 2-4 times a day. Coriander leaves crushed into juicy mixture or coriander juice itself is applied to the mole and left till drying out, then washed off.
  4. Try garlic paste prepared by grounding garlic in a blender. Apply the paste overnight. Wash off in the morning.
  5. Dandelion root juice is another reliable remedy for eliminating undesirable moles. Cut the root in two halves and squeeze one part a little to let milky liquid go out. Cover the mole and leave it for 30 minutes. Best results are achieved when applied on a daily basis.
  6. If a mole is troublesome, i.e. is changing its look or color with time, it must be shown to a dermatologist. Some moles can present a serious threat being cancerous. A biopsy is taken to confirm this suggestion. In case of a positive result, a surgery to remove the mole is a must. You may be offered:
    • regular excision when a mole is cut out followed by sewing together the surrounding skin (a straight scar is left after the surgery);
    • laser mole removal aimed at eliminating mole pigment and burning the top layers of the skin away (scarring is possible but less likely to happen compared to other surgical methods);
    • cauterized excision started with shaving the mole off and then cauterizing the area for a complete mole removal (a mole is substituted by a scar of the same size and shape as the mole).

Remove mole on face

In most cases it’s up to you whether to remove moles or not. If a mole really causes you many worries and troubles, try to erase it with home remedies. As a last resort and in case of suspicious moles consult a specialist to fix this problem in a professional way.