2 Basic Approaches to the Problem

Moles can be considered both an attractive mark and an embarrassing cosmetic defect. The darker and the bigger your mole is, the more concerned you may feel about possessing it. Visible dark mound-like moles have the most unsightly look. Besides looking unattractive, they also cause inconveniencies because of the possibility to traumatize such moles. No wonder, people are interested in how to get rid of a mole especially if it’s a troublesome mole. Be especially careful with bigger than a pencil eraser moles, those inconsistent in color and shape, painful or itchy moles, inflamed moles without reason. If your mole has one of these characteristics, visit a dermatologist immediately as it may be cancerous.

Generally, two main approaches to a mole removal are determined.

Laser mole removal

How to Get Rid of a Mole?

  1. Natural way. If your mole is benign, yet quite unsightly, and you are looking for information on how to get rid of a mole, try one of the following easy to access home remedies. Natural juices, pastes and mixtures are applied to moles for as long as 30 minutes and up to an hour, then washed off thoroughly. With some persistence and regularity you will make undesirable moles vanish.
    • Sour apples juice,
    • Fresh pineapple juice,
    • Grapefruit juice,
    • Onion juice,
    • Dandelion root juice,
    • Cauliflower juice,
    • Garlic ground paste,
    • Flaxseed oil and honey paste,
    • Tea tree oil,
    • Castor oil and baking soda mixture,
    • Mixture of crushed coriander leaves.

    Natural product

  2. Medical way. This approach includes applying medication containing acids or undergoing surgeries. How to get rid of unsightly moles in your case is better to decide with a qualified dermatologist. A mole is a comparatively small mark on your skin, yet it can cause big and really serious problems if treated in a wrong way. Be careful with those moles which change their look, i.e. shape, size or color. A dermatologist will determine the reason of these changes and take necessary tests to define if a troublesome mole is cancerous or not. According to the test results, you will be offered one of the following solutions.
    • Medications containing acids destroying tissue, liquid nitrogen mole treatment or cryotherapy kits. With regular application these medications give very high-effective results.
    • Excision surgery.
    • Laser procedure of a mole removal.
    • Cauterized excision surgical procedure.
    • Electrosurgery.

Surgery procedures are beneficial because they give a fast visible result, yet they are quite expensive and leave scarring. With a laser mole erasing scars are possible, yet less likely to occur. With an electrosurgery a mole is burned by a heated surgery instrument with electric current. Some scarring may occur.

If you are determined to make your skin clearer, a whole bunch of efficient solutions are at your disposal. Consult your dermatologist and decide which way is the best in your case.