About Us

The Craziest Crew of Mole Mongers

You’ve no doubt realized by now that we here at Mole Removal AT are not your average group of dermatology drones! While we bring the scientific seriousness needed to discuss all things mole-related, we also believe a little fun and frivolity helps keep things interesting.

So in summary, we may be a lopsided league of loons but our lunar love of all things mole keeps our mismatched machine of a team functioning flawlessly. Join the movement – tune into our madness and let the games begin!

Led by our fearless founder, serial skin specimen snatcher and self-proclaimed “Mole Marshal”, things are never dull around these parts. With a collection of curbside mole cuttings that would make even the hardiest horticulturalist woozy, they’ve devoted their life to learning all they can about the mysteries under our skin. When they’re not prodding and probing problem patches, you’ll find them scheming up new ways to cure our collective case of chronic curiosity.

To create a world where moles are embraced not eradicated – where people proudly parade their pigmented protuberances instead of fearing future follicular fates. We envision a day when dermatologists are as delighted by dominant dendritic cells as your average amateur anatomist. Through irreverent information and unabashed appreciation for all things anomalously aggravated, we’ll help society see spots in a whole new heavenly hue.

To demystify, de-stigmatize and deliver the dirt on all things mole-related through mirthful means. With an arsenal of artistry, academic analysis and absurd anecdotes, our multimedia mole manifesto aims to amuse while illuminating the often misunderstood world of wacky wavering warts. Whether through comics, consultations or crazy conjectures on cosmetic cuttings, we’re committed to making moles a matter of merriment – not misery. Join us as we morph the mundane into the magnificent and turn your typical tuberule into a thing of beauty, humor and intrigue!

Through fun, frankness and fearlessness in discussing even the diciest of dermal delights, we’ll help keep people properly perceiving proliferations of pigment. So loosen up, lighten up and let us lend a little levity to what for some can be a disconcerting diagnosis. This squad is on a sacred mission to turn that frown upsy-dermis down!

Stay in touch with us

So whether you’ve got five minutes or all night, the mole squad is here for you! Reach out any time and let the mole merriment begin. We’re always here to help demystify those pesky pigmented protuberances and bring a little more lightheartedness to what can sometimes be a serious skin concern. Now go forth and spread more mole love!